Top 10 Photos of the Year 2012

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Top 10 Photos of the Year 2012

Photographers from all over the world sent in hundreds of thousands of incredible images to the photography network this year. With careful consideration, we chose these as the year’s best. This is a list of some of the most compelling and popular photos of the year 2012.

1. “Following the Sun” captured by Irina Oreshina

photos of the year

2. “Perfect Cone Active Volcano” captured by Jay Besa

landscape photo of the year

3. “Penitentiary Hospital Wing” captured by Daniel Leis

hdr interior photo of the year

4. “Cyprus Wedding” captured by Vavinov Alex

wedding photo of the year

5. “Singapore Central Business District” by Jet Rabe

cityscape of the year

6. “The Father & The Son” captured by Supriya Mukherjee

story telling photo of the year

7. “Marble” captured by Jirina Kantova

high speed photos of the year

8. “The Lookouts” captured by David Hobcote

nature photo of the year

9. “Lunch Distress” captured by Thomas Jeppesen

black and white photography of the year

10. “Vahine” captured by Heitiare Teriinatoofa

silhouette of the year


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